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Health Professionals

Health Professionals

Delivering key ingredients at optimal dosages

  • Well-tolerated
  • No harmful side-effects
  • No drug interactions
Dietary response:
Correcting a magnesium-B2-CoQ10 imbalance requires an increased level of these nutrients that is higher than can be achieved through diet alone or with regular supplements. Magnesium levels, in particular, can fall significantly during the day, especially during exercise. Dolovent™ solves this problem by delivering the required levels of these highly targeted micronutrients in one pure, consistently high-quality formulation that practitioners can recommend with confidence to adults and children over the age of eight.

The unique Dolovent™ formulation is different from other "similar" supplements in two crucial ways:

1. The all-in-one Dolovent™ formula gives you absolute control over the purity and recommended dosage of magnesium, riboflavin and coenzyme-Q10 your patients are taking.

2. Dolovent™ contains only these targeted micronutrients - herbs like butterbur and fever few are not included. This means you can recommend Dolovent™ to patients who do not respond to these herbs, while having the option of adding herbal supplements for other patients.

Learn more about the key ingredients in Dolovent™:

Helping to restore your brain's natural chemistry

Recommending DoloventTM to your patients

Can patients tolerate Dolovent?

Dolovent™ is usually well tolerated, if you would like to sample the product please contact the team at Nouveau Health Ltd via our number above or via email on info@nouveauhealth.co.uk.

Dolovent™ is an especially good choice for patients who:

  • Prefer natural, nutrition-based therapies
  • Cannot tolerate the side effects of other therapies

How Dolovent™ is used:

  • Adults: Twice daily, 2 capsules morning and evening with or after a meal
  • Children/teens aged 8-18: 1 capsule morning and evening with or after a meal
  • Maximum benefits are achieved through regular, ongoing use over the course of at least 3-4 months
  • Best when taken with plenty of liquid


  • Please be sure patients taking Dolovent™ are not taking any other preparations (pharmaceuticals, dietetic foods or nutritional supplements) containing either magnesium or Riboflavin
  • Like all magnesium-containing preparations, Dolovent™ can occasionally cause soft stools or diarrhoea, and should not be taken by individuals suffering from kidney problems

Only DoloventTM provides a specially formulated combination of key ingredients at optimal dosages