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Single Bottle Order (120 Capsules)

Individual Bottle Price £36.88 (inc. VAT) + £6.84 P&P
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To support normal energy metabolism in the brain, DoloventTM should be used regularly over a period of months. To automatically receive each new shipment of Dolovent as it's needed, sign up for our "Ongoing Relief" auto-ship program. Read below to see the benefits.


Benefits include:

A FREE sample of Dolovent when you sign up. Make sure Dolovent agrees with you before you open the regular bottles. If it's not for you, you simply activate the MONEY-BACK REFUND

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FREE shipping on every order

Automatic shipments (2 bottles sent every two months)

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Cancel at any time — by phone or Web, with no further obligation

Change delivery dates with ease to accommodate travel schedules

100% money-back refund on any unopened bottles within six months of purchase

Only DoloventTM provides a blend of micronutrients all targeted specifically at supporting brain energy levels


In one convenient and economical supplement, Dolovent™ delivers the clinical-strength levels of magnesium, riboflavin (vitamin B2), and coenzyme Q10 necessary to support proper energy levels in the brain.

Dolovent capsules are recommended for adults, teens and children over the age of eight. General use for adults is 2 capsules morning and evening with or after a meal.

  • Safe — no harmful side effects
  • No trans fat, peanuts, eggs, milk, wheat, gluten, tree nuts, fish or shellfish
  • 120 capsules per bottle (one- or two-month supply depending on whether one or two capsules are taken twice daily)
  • Regular price: £36.88 + P&P per bottle